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In 2009, when our sister gave birth to a baby boy, we were very thrilled to become uncles. Like every other mother in this world, she loved her baby and wanted nothing but the best for him. This however wasn't an easy task at all as she was struggling to find good quality baby products. Either they were really expensive, or just not up to the standards she wanted. We've always loved researching for new things online and thought maybe we could help her get better products. What we found was not what we expected at all.

The world of baby products was far bigger than what was available here. There were new and innovative products coming out all the time and people around the world were enjoying their benefits. Not only were these products good for the baby, they were useful for the parents as well. We wanted our sister and our nephew to have these new and improved products too, instead of simply relying on what's available locally. International shipping was an option, but was expensive and time consuming. We said to ourselves, why shouldn't parents in India have access to these wonderful products as well. We decided to do something about it.

Together with ReeLabs, which is a renowned stem cell bank in India, we have had the opportunity to get inputs from not only mothers, but doctors as well.

The first thing we decided was to not follow the same old trend that has been going on in the Indian market for a long time. Our products needed to be innovative and of the highest quality available, yet at the same time, affordable. We spoke with a lot of mothers to hear about their experiences - the good and the bad. All our products go through a thorough testing by both doctors and mothers as they are our experts. A product can have many features, but if they are not what the parents really want, it's not what we want.

All parents want the best for their little ones, hence we want only the best for you. Our motto is simple, but something we really believe in:

Happy Baby = Happy You = Happy Us

A hearty congratulations to all the new parents and all the best to you and your little one!


-Dhruv & Arjun

(Co-founders ReeBaby)

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